Sound on Sound off

Sound on Sound off


Black Cherries: We are a full service agency specializing in live communication. We feel at home both in the south of Bavaria and worldwide. Two things stand out by our events & incentives and change management and stay in focus for all of us in everything we do: First: Keeping the planet, we live on, healthy. And second: Bringing people together, making their eyes sparkle and so they never forget the magic they have experienced. That is why we do what we do, and how we do it. We make a difference, and take our customers, guests, and partner on the journey.

We empower individualism

Future trends like diversity, glocalization – which means think globally and act locally, equal pay, neo ecology, gender shift, or connectivity are main points of our credo, not just fancy words. We live by them and integrate them seamlessly into our work. Hold us by the word and sneak a peek behind the scene. Be our guest on our morning calls and experience live, how we work.


Sustainability is a top priority for us. And it is not just about saving resources and waste processing. With our project project-related sustainable reports and our green manager, we create new standards in live communication. And on top of that: The experiences from events we create last long in memories. Whether LIVE events, digital events, hybrid events or incentives.

We create the Fantastic in the special

Digital incentives, digital events, hybrid or live events our events are not just events. With every project, we achieve creating unique worlds, sustainable experiences, goose bumps effects, and a lot of pure clean fun. Unforgettable moments that last for ages. Content that integrate naturally and permanently into your organization. We guarantee added value!

We live Change in everything we do

Life is diverse and full of change. Right now, we all have become more than aware of this. Systems and organizations are constantly changing. It is important for us to take everyone along on the journey in change processes. That's why we advise & coach companies, their executives and employees on the turbulent journeys. With creative & well-tried approaches.

Check out our Cherries Blog!

out our
Cherries Blog!

More about events, sustainability and future trends.


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