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live, digital & hybrid


You want to make more out of your events? We are your creative think tank and develop outstanding but still feasible ideas with you. We work as a team and with our partners in a highly professional manner from the idea to the implementation. True to our motto:
We are the fantastic in the special

our Services

Event formats like roadshows, kick-offs, meetings, (digital) incentives, conferences, trade shows, product launches, team buildings, workshops, and trainings in LIVE | HYBRID | DIGITAL


Every concept of ours has a story! This is the only way we can draw a red thread through the event.

We work with our hands on the pulse of time
and create content tailor-made for each of our clients.

We set messages in the scene so that they also reach the participant. We pay attention to content, dramaturgy, and scenery!

We are your partner in the entire process of guest management. No matter if communicating prior to the event or on-site; with our outstanding service, the guest is always on the top spot. 

We make brands come alive! We achieve authentic, real effects, reach and inspire the audience with event ambiance.

From trailers to event-visuals. We
deliver a whole package. We love details and therefore
corporate event communication is present at every
project we do.


No experience with live, hybrid, and digital events yet?
Our team of experts will be happy to assist you in finding ideas and planning.

Live INcentives & Digital incentives

Those who are motivated have more passion and thus perform better. Our incentives serve as a motivation transfer platform!

Digital Events

We design and realize digital live & streaming events!
Product launches, trade shows, online conferences,
virtual training trainings & workshops are part of our portfolio.

Hybrid Events

The future of the event industry? We plan and realize
hybrid events in Germany, Europe and worldwide! This
is how we connect participants from different parts of the world – physically & online.

LIve Events

We create captivating live highlights at all our events that have a substantial impact. Goosebump factor guaranteed!