We are everything –
but mainstream!

Despite distance we are together

The Cherries are at home all over the world! Different locations, different personalities, one team! WE WE WE I – the strong Cherries team, combined with the outstanding performance of the individual.

Get to know us!

Your Black Cherries

Heike Weber


Hi, i'M Heike

My passion:
Barcelona is my hometown. I love the sun and the sea, as well as the mountains and the lakes. Especially at the sea, I feel incredibly connected to nature. Add to that a crumble cherry pie and cortado and everything is perfect.

Why am I a cherry?
I am bubbling over with ideas and involve them in Black Cherries daily business. My experience in consulting, management and transformation is the perfect match in our daily work combined with a lot of heart and passion. And that’s why we create the Black Cherries.

Hi, i'm Ruth

Ruth Kafitz

Senior Consultant

My passion:
I love the mountains in winter and the snow. And to compensate, I like to hike in the mountains in summer, enjoying the view and the peace and quiet. As a nightcap, I like a good book as well as wine and cheese.

Why am I a cherry?
The Black Cherries have shown me how I can feel at home professionally and grow at the same time. It’s a great team in that we inspire each other. I love bringing people together, inspiring them, being creative together and developing new things.

Hi, i'm Dominik

Dominik Georg

Junior Consultant

My passion:
Whether on the grass or in the stadium, my passion is soccer and everything to do with sports. Besides travelling, I also love my cats at home and good food.

Why am I a cherry?
There’s always something going on at the Cherries and this is where our ideas can just bubble. The variety in daily business is incredibly fun! Internal projects like social media support, but also extraordinary events like meetings & incentives are just my thing.

Theresa Allgaier

Junior Consultant

Hi, i'm Theresa

My passion:
A heart for animals and the topic of sustainability occupy me every day. This is where I get involved and set me on fire to make the world a little bit better.

Why am I a cherry?
The Black Cherries always have their finger on the pulse and develop new ideas & concepts that keep the world busy. Here, everyone can get involved and create something new. This makes so much fun!

Hi, i'm Pawel

Pawel Rozycki

Cooperation Partner

My passion:
I’m passionate about nature, lots of sports on the practice field and a juicy burger & all of that in my adopted hometown of Warsaw, Poland.

Why am I part of the cherries?
As an old hand in the event business, I love working with the Cherries. Whether it’s graphics, video, tech or vehicle handling; every project is unique.

Hi, i'm Hermes


Master Hund

My lifeblood:
play, play, play! You can inspire me with great toys, delicious delicacies and a cool outfit!

Why am I a cherry?
The Black Cherries are my second family. I am an integrated part and super happy to be an appendage of Pawel. I especially love my payment in the form of treats! The balance between hard work, sleeping on the sofa and walking in nature is great!

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