WE live sustainability


WE live Sustainability

Together with our whole team, we set certain measurements to protect the environment not out of necessity but because we want to. We feel responsible not only for our customers, guests and team. We want to shape and preserve our world for future generations! Make it livable for our grandchildren! This is our task!

This is what we implement and improve on a daily basis:


We care for our resources and avoid disposable products like print materials, plastic, give-aways.


With electricity, technical equipment, lights and sound we put emphasis on energy-efficiency and offer compensation for its consumption.


At our events, we ensure short transport routes, seasonal, fair, regional and if possible, organic products.


We prefer climate-neutral travel by train and e-cars. We compensate our carbon footprint.

waste management

A functional recycling process
is our standard –
no matter if at the office or at the event.

guest handling

With our environmentally friendly,
digital invitation process we provide a sustainable experience for our participants.


We care for recyclable materials
and avoid using for instance carpets.
Rent instead of buying!


Per event, we show to our clients (whether LIVE, digital or hybrid) which sustainable aspects we can cover or which footprint we leave in the world. We take a deeper look at carbon footprint and highlight topics like catering, power consumption by our (technical) partners, fair trade products as giveaways, and many more. On top of that, we show in which positions we could save the costs.

After each event, our customers receive a complex sustainability report from their event!